Christchurch Vein Clinic

We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for vascular problems, specialising not only in varicose vein treatment using injections, laser and general surgery - but also arterial disease assessment and treatment, or advice and surveillance.

About Christchurch Vein Clinic

Since inception in 2004 we’ve led the way with innovative approaches to vascular surgery. A Southern Cross-affiliated private practice serving the Christchurch and greater Canterbury region, as well as many South Island wide patients, we take pride in our patient-centred medical service.

You’ll probably hear the words ‘patient-centred’ from other providers, and perhaps dismiss it as another obvious or empty pledge. But there is a real difference in our practice. 

Here, it’s as much about communication and care as it is diagnosis and cure. It’s about looking at the bigger picture of each patient’s unique situation and requirements. It’s a vital way of approaching each treatment that delivers enhanced results for the patient. And it’s non-negotiable in our work.

As the first vascular group in the South Island to provide laser surgery we recognised the changing requirements of patients. With state of the art technology comes a responsibility to ensure patient care stays at the forefront however. We continue to hone our service to where it can most benefit our patients.


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Procedures & Treatments

Varicose vein sclerotherapy (injections)

This is a medical procedure used to treat spider veins or smaller varicose veins.

A solution (called a sclerosant) is injected directly into the veins using a very fine needle.  The sclerosant irritates the inside of the vein wall, which then becomes inflamed and closes.

In general, veins respond to sclerotherapy within 3 - 6 weeks.  Often two or more sessions are required to treat veins effectively. 

Over a period of several weeks following the injections, the veins usually become darker and then will gradually become less visible, eventually fading from sight.

Varicose vein endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)

Around the world an increasing number of medical facilities are starting to offer this new method of treating varicose veins.

Treatment involves a physical and ultrasound examination to map the vein to be treated. The leg area to be treated is anaesthetised locally and a thin laser fibre is inserted into the affected vein. Laser energy is delivered in short pulses as the laser is slowly withdrawn. The heat from the laser gradually seals the vein.

The procedure is virtually painless and usually takes about 1 hour. Patients can walk immediately after the surgery and normal activities can be resumed immediately.There are no stitches to be removed and patients can return to work the next day.

Varicose vein surgery

This is performed by our surgeon at either St George's Hospital or Southern Cross Hospital under general anaesthetic.

Using a variety of techniques, the surgeon will remove the problematic veins.

Usually a patient will stay overnight at the hospital and be released the day following surgery.  Most patients need to take a week off work after this surgery.