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Our team of specialist surgeons were among the very first in the South Island to repair hernias using laparoscopic or keyhole surgery, a technique that has since revolutionised hernia surgery.

About Hernia Centre

The Hernia Centre is a Christchurch based specialist surgical clinic at the forefront of the effective treatment and management of all types of hernias. We are experts in the treatment of patients with inguinal, femoral, umbilical, incisional and hiatus hernias.

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Procedures & Treatments

Laparoscopic (keyhole)

This is performed under general anaesthesia and is the least invasive of surgical repair options and typically results in a much quicker recovery time.
The procedure involves making a small 1.5cm incision just below the navel (umbilicus) and two smaller 0.5cm incisions are made below this. A very slim camera is then inserted through the initial incision which allows the surgeon to see the patients tissues on a television screen.

The hernia is then pulled back inside the muscle wall using thin long instruments inserted through the two smaller incisions and the muscle wall is repaired using a piece of fine mesh which acts as a patch over the weak area.
The use of artificial mesh is highly effective and greatly reduces the recurrence rate (less than 0.1%) of hernia after repair. As the scar tissue grows into the mesh it strengthens the area of weakness. The type of patch used is polypropylene which is thin and soft.

If you have bilateral hernias, (on both sides), they can be repaired at the same time and using the same incisions. Dissolving sutures are used to stitch the skin where the incisions have been made and full recovery varies from a few days to a few weeks. Most patients are able to return home the day of the surgery.

In some instances, patients will require open surgery to repair their hernias. The major differences for these patients are larger incisions of 8cm - 10cm in the groin area and longer recovery times.
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